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"The Pink Glove Dance" - Mothers Day 2010 (video created with iMovie and iDVD)
Click on the link to view Harbor's Upper School version of the "Pink Glove Dance" video using Bob Sinclaire's "Rock this party."  The video premiered June 9, 2010 at the Upper School Moving Up ceremony to a crowd who ooooed, ahhhed and laughed -- and applauded!

Dedicated to all the moms, grandmothers, aunts, and special women who make a difference in our lives. Please remember to stay healthy, take care of yourself and get an annual medical checkup. We love you all and want you to be around forever. Having you in our lives just makes us want to jump up and dance with joy!

With love, Your “children”

Thanks to all the people who helped in the making of this video: the moms, grandmothers, aunts, special women, children, faculty and staff of Harbor Country Day School, May 2010. Special thanks to Ms. Poletti our videographer and editor. Your true talent and tireless efforts made this a real “jewel in the jewel box.”

Thank you for making my last HCDS Mothers Day Celebration a blast and a smashing success I will remember forever. Stay healthy!

-Jo Ann Chiet, “Coordinator/Director” of The Pink Glove Dance

"Happy Birthday Eiffel Tower" song by Jackson Cocciolone, 5th Grade
Winner of the Grand Prize in a contest sponsored by the Embassy of France to celebrate the 120th anniversary of Alexandre Gustave Eiffel's masterpiece. Jackson's song was selected from nearly 4,000 entries from grades K through 12 in NY, NJ, and CT.  Here is a fabulous video of Jackson singing his song including images of Harbor students with their own Eiffel Tower projects – a co-production by Jackson, Ms. Poletti, and Jackson’s mom – Ms. Gillies.

Happy Birthday Eiffel Tower

Hawk Eye News - sample edition from May 21, 2010
I put together a weekly digital newsletter including articles from Harbor's administration, faculty and staff, photo slide shows and links to larger news items.   The newsletter goes out every Friday to faculty, staff, administration, parents and Board of Trustees.  I developed this electronic newsletter using Finalsite, a website and content management system.

This Week in Pictures photo slide show created with Animoto
While the Hawk Eye News does an excellent job of covering and explaining the amazing events that happen at Harbor every week, sometimes busy schedules and hectic days don’t always allow for a full reading of the news. As such, we thought we would put together a quick montage of the week’s highlights, and send it out to the community as a trailer for the more detailed HEN. The “This Week in Pictures” email will arrive every Friday, as a one-two minute scored and captioned slide show that links back to the HEN and the rest of the story.

21st Century Skills Meet Writing Workshop

Third graders used the iMovie software on the new Lower School laptops to record "edge of your seat" stories. Ms. Poletti, Harbor's technology director, Ms. Woods and Ms. Burgermaster taught the students this technology-based pre-writing technique to help them practice their storytelling skills and focus on the content of the story as they learn to build tension and suspense in their writing. The playback, re-recording and editing process reinforced reflection, revision, and self-assessment skills for the students. The students used these video clips to write first drafts of their stories.
-Marissa Burgermaster, Curriculum and Professional Development Coordinator

Hyperlinks lesson slide show created with Prezi.

Camp and After-School Projects

Harbor's Computer Club Learns to Scratch
For the first half of the school year, the Computer Club, worked with a cool new programming language called Scratch They learned how to make simple and complex programs by controlling “sprites” in front of a chosen background. One great thing about the Scratch website is that you can share your projects with the world and you can download others' projects to analyze how they achieved their goals. With Scratch software, Harbor students made games and created their own interactive art.

Check out some projects my students created as first time Scratch users - Skateboarding MonsterAwesome Circles and Donna's Game.

Help Save the Earth video created with iMovie and iDVD. Computer Club students wrote, directed and starred in their own video to "Save the Earth."

Buckley Banter Newsletter 
pdf created in Pages. Campers


Kidsday - Worked with camp group and Kidsday representative to publish June 1, 2009 issue of Newsday's Kidsday.

School Assemblies and Events

Red Cross Assembly slide show created with Prezi.
Craig Cooper, Public Affairs Lead for the Suffolk County Red Cross and Tembi Jenkins, Regional Administrator for the Babylon/Islip area spoke to Harbor students about: March is Red Cross Month, Clara Barton, emergency preparedness, Red Cross in Haiti and local volunteerism.  Ms. Poletti, our Director of Technology who is also a local Red Cross volunteer created the presentation and showed us a video of the Red Cross helping the people of Haiti.  We even recruited a few more Red Cross volunteers during the presentation. Click here to read more about the Assembly.

Island Labs Near-Space Balloon Launch
The "Island Labs" group from Stony Brook University presented their recent "near-space" balloon launch to Harbor students at the May 14, 2010 all-school assembly. Ms. Poletti, a member of "Island Labs" was joined by members Dr. Amy Cott, Bill Burns and Jonathan Dahan. Amy showed the students a presentation explaining how we did a balloon launch at a relatively low cost, the retrieval process and why we did it – to replicate what MIT did, to represent Long Island and to have fun! Click on the link above to read about the balloon launch we did at Harbor.

Harbor Blood Drive with Long Island Blood Services, Wednesday, May 5, 2010 event initiated and coordinated by Ms. Poletti
A representative of Long Island Blood Services visited Harbor to implement the Little Doctor's program. She met with fourth, fifth and sixth graders to teach them about blood components and their functions including red blood cells, white blood cells, platelets and plasma.  The students learned the significance of blood donation as well as the steps involved.  The top excuse for not donating blood is, "No one ever asked me!"  Harbor's "Little Doctors" shared their knowledge with parents and community members to remind them about the importance of donating blood for those in need.

By the end of the day, Long Island Blood Services was able to collect 22 blood donations. Harbor's "Little Doctors" and their parents are responsible for saving 66 lives because collected blood is separated into red cells, plasma and platelets.

Internet Safety Curriculum - I developed curriculum for 1st - 6th grade students with the school librarian. I scheduled a representative from Cablevision to visit the school to discuss Internet Safety with 4-8th Graders.  The students were attentive as they learned about the perils of providing too much information on the internet.

Earth Day Assemblies
I assisted in the planning of school-wide Earth Day Assemblies including “Earth Balloon” demonstration.

Website Creation

Kinderiffic Park Place Daycare created with Google Sites to promote a toddler and preschool program in Rochester, NY.